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A List of Completed Quests

Design Work

I start each project by unearthing a need and then working with you to define success. Striving to overcome specific problems means that the design solutions immediately help your business.

PTA Canada logo featured on a blue background.

Logo Design Proposal

Viking Fence logo icon. Featuring a stylized Viking helmet combined with the letter "V". Grey and black icon on yellow background.

Logo Design

Privacy Matters logo featuring an icon and blue text on a light background.

Logo Design

A framed illustration of a wolf and hare.


Root to Rise logo icon. Featuring a stylized lotus flower combined with an abstract human figure. Green, orange, and brown icon on a mint green backround.

Logo Design

Compass Aerial logo featuring a sky blue icon on a royal blue background.

Logo Design

A black and white illustration of a skull missing teeth and wearing a JOFA helmet.


15 logo icons lined up in 3 rows on a red background.

Various Logo Designs

Every journey begins with the first step.

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