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Viking Fence

A Contractor Expanding Their Borders

Viking Fence is a local fencing contractor that needed a bold mark to communicate trust and security to their customers. As a new business, the logo needed to be simple and adaptable so that it could work in any context.

Services Provided

Visual Identity


After determining which direction to take the logo, I began sketching. I worked through ideas and revisions on paper before moving to Illustrator for refinement. Over time, a few promising options emerged. These were polished and then sent off for review.

Viking Fence sketches. Featuring rough marker drawings on grid paper.
Viking Fence sketches. Featuring rough marker drawings on grid paper.

Small Changes

With some logos, there are multiple rounds of revisions. In this case, one of the options emerged as a strong candidate after the initial presentation. I made the requested revisions and then sent the logo to the client for final sign-off.

Scanned image of Viking with a horned helmet. Pen drawing on cream paper.
Image of the letter "V".

Final Logo

The final logo is a stylized Viking head that houses a hidden “V” doubling as the Viking’s beard. The bold brandmark and sturdy type in the logomark each speak to the reliable and secure services that Viking Fence provides.

The colour scheme of grey and black again references security and reliability, while the construction yellow accent references safety.

Viking fence logo. Black and grey logo on a yellow background.
Viking Fence logo icon embroidered on a black hat.
Viking Fence logo on a white t-shirt.

Every journey begins with the first step.

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