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Root to Rise

Giving a Fresh Look to Counselling

Root to Rise is an Edmonton-based counsellor with a unique holistic approach to therapy. We determined that their ideal logo would highlight spiritual growth and healing and remain usable and iconic in all applications.

Services Provided

Visual Identity

Giving Form to a Concept

From the initial brief, it was clear that depicting a human figure rising from a lotus was a priority for the customer. I began exploring the concept and worked through several options. Eventually, I clarified a few stylized versions and presented them for the first round of feedback.

Root to Rise logo sketches. Featuring rough marker drawings on grid paper.
Root to Rise logo sketches. Featuring rough marker drawings on grid paper.

Small Changes

After receiving feedback, I set to refine the shape and clarify the idea for final approval.

Photo of a lotus flower in the water.
Photo of a woman with her arms raised in rejoice.

Final Logo

The final logo features the organic form of a figure rising out of a lotus flower. The colours represent positive energy and revitalization. I paired the icon with a humanist serif typeface to reinforce the organic shapes and the human connection that counselling provides.

Root to Rise logo. Brown, orange and green logo on a mint background. The logo text reads, "Root to Rise Counselling Services".
Root to Rise logo on a notepad.
White Root to Rise logo on glass. Mockup of signage outside of an office.

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