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Compass Aerial

A New Identity Poised to Take Off

When the owner of Compass Aerial approached me, they were just getting their drone business off the ground. They needed a logo to stand out from the established companies in their area and asked me to come up with something clean to get them started.

Services Provided

Visual Identity

The Initial Fly By

I worked on incorporating the propellers and camera aperture into a single mark. I eventually moved away from this direction because it’s common for a photography business to have the camera shutter in their logo, and this customer wanted something unique.

Instead, I began trying to capture a spinning motion to reference both a compass and a propeller.

Compass Aerial logo sketches. Features rough marker drawings on grid paper.
Compass Aerial logo sketches. Features rough marker drawings on grid paper.

Delivering Meaning

The logo mark successfully shows a spinning motion and the letter “C” in its form.

A photo of an old compass on a dark background.
A photo of a drone in flight.

Final Logo

I chose an italic san serif font to indicate motion, and I paired that with sky blue for the primary colour to play off the aerial in the name. The icon and logomark work well in vertical and horizontal orientations, while the simple icon is recognizable, even at small sizes.

Compass Aerial logo on a dark blue background.
Compass Aerial logo in black and white on the front of a drone.
Compass Aerial Logo on a dark t-shirt.

Every journey begins with the first step.

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