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Peek Behind the Curtain

About Me

My name's Tyler Van Brabant and I'm the owner and designer here at Tylertom Design. My mission is to painlessly guide small business owners to authentic design solutions.

My Backstory

My design journey began after graduating from the University of Alberta 10 years ago. Since then, I've worked as a web designer and have freelanced intermittently. I live in Spruce Grove, but I work with clients in Edmonton and surrounding communities.

For my 9 to 5, I work with awesome people as a sales rep in a busy office in Edmonton. In my free time, I design cool things for myself, my friends, and local clients. I'm fortunate to have Tylertom Design as a creative outlet and a means to connect with passionate small business owners. I specialize in identity packages, but I love to work with good people to help them achieve their goals.

Outside work, you can find me chasing my two-year-old around the house, watching the Oilers with my wife, or brewing a batch of IPA in my garage (with mixed results).

If you have a project that you'd like to discuss or if you're a fellow designer who would like to connect, don't hesitate to reach out. I would love to hear from you.

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Every journey begins with the first step.

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